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Ein interkulturelles Bildungs- und Sportprojekt für Jugendliche

FC Bayern Youth Cup 2013


2004: Die Schiedsrichter des Turniers inkl. vier aus Deutschland - 3. v.r. oben: Jerome Damon, FIFA Schiedsrichter -

Ever since his first visit during an educational stay and internship at a lawyer's office in Capetown in 1996, Matthias Eiles has been following the development of the tournament.

After obtaining his degree in sports economics, he worked at the University of Pretoria (RSA) both as lecturer and in the management of the university's football academy. He now works with the German FA, and as a freelance coach in adult education.

Beeing a passionate footballplayer himself he was instantly fascinated by the special experience of football in Africa and the opportunities it offers.

The first German participants of the tournament were -including himself- four referees (in 2004)

As of 2005 the referees have always been accompanied by a German youth soccer team playing the tournament.